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Our brain is the inexhaustible storehouse of ideas. But they are disarranged and disheveled. We are to create meaningful patterns to connect them. To do this we can resort to analogy. We translate abstract ideas into concrete terms and picture the subject in words. For example, the process of dissertation writing can be envisaged as a steep cliff ascent. One more way is to use actual pictures. For example, the locked door picture is the metaphor of a writer’s block, when you are frustrated, balked and unable to penetrate your own mind. Let’s open its door and explore its passageways. Any paper creates the meaning pattern organized around a central point from a collection of various points. It comes all the way to the endpoints and returns back. If you follow this way, this journey is a paper creation process.

You are to connect the research topic to your own interests and experience in order to write a successful dissertation. It should be specified, pinpointed, reduced to a certain niche or narrowed down as much as possible. Formulate your basic question. By answering it you will find your aim – your thesis – and formulate it too. Your dissertation proposal is like a marriage proposal. It must be clinched once and forever. You are to impress your audience with your dissertation proposal and prove your scientific worth in carrying out this research. That is why it must be done with utmost care and consideration.

One of the hardest things about writing is that you normally have to do it alone. But now you are lucky to have our dissertation writing guide to help you in creating even the most intricate research papers.

There can be purely incidental discoveries in science but a true researcher cannot orient at such haphazard chances. The research must be clearly planned. That’s why it is impossible to overestimate the importance of a dissertation proposal or any other plan you may need in the course of carrying out your research. It is open to amendments, flexible and dynamic. It can be called a pictorial diagram of a research. It represents your research process in the form of a metaphoric picture: a strict and obstacle-free though hard-to-take road to success or a meandering path lost altogether somewhere in the bog. It is totally up to you to select your way. And the first step in this direction is to write a dissertation proposal that works.

Dissertation proposals we offer include certain obligatory (and optional) components like

Every component has its own peculiarities and requirements as to the elements arrangement and overall formatting. We undertake the challenging business of linking all of them together to satisfy your needs 100%. You are welcome to get samples and test the quality of our services!

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