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The Basic Dissertation Softwares for Researchers

Is there such a thing as a dissertation software? It may be true that you can use your computer system to write a dissertation paper. However, it is not possible to have a software that will generate a dissertation for you. Many students have been dreaming of getting themselves a hand on a program that can produce research papers. Sad to say, there will not come a time when this will be possible. It is because students need to learn the process of writing a dissertation and that the project involves manual and thorough research process no software can do. If this is the case, then what is the point of this article having dissertation software as the topic? We will discuss the different software or computer programs that can help you in writing your dissertation paper.

Microsoft Word. This is one of the many dissertation softwares that you can use to compose a dissertation paper. Basically, MS Word is a program that lets you create documents in electronic form. This is the basic tool to write text papers and save them on your computer. The MS Word program is widely used around the world because of its simplicity. It can even compare to a paper where you can write just about anything you would like to print. Some functions of MS Words include paragraph formatting, spelling check and adding images or pictures.

MS Excel is another dissertation software that you can use. This program lets you tally data values in numeric form. It has numerous tables in columns and rows that you can use to partition your data. Ms Excel software makes it possible for you to manipulate number data and use math formulas easily. What segment of dissertation writing is this software useful? As you know, some research papers will involve the use of data from data mining or experimental design. Then Excel will be useful for your data numbers on the research paper.

Paint is another computer program that will help you manage and modify image files. It belongs to the Microsoft office family. You can use paint to edit a picture that you want to insert in any of your dissertation pages. You can also use tables and graphs within paint and then customize it according to your preference and need. Many dissertation papers do have images in them and paint is the best tool to manage those pictures within pages.

Lastly, the MS PowerPoint is one of the most important of all dissertation softwares. This one is useful after you have completed writing the parts of the research article. PowerPoint is a presentation tool that is very helpful during your report or defense of the thesis paper. You can convert the pages of your dissertation into slides, which a projector can use to become your visual aids when reporting the contents of your dissertation paper.

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