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Basic Thesis Paper Parts

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The thesis paper of any student bears hard work and research results that can lead to better understanding of topics. In the course of writing a dissertation paper, you need to be familiar with the parts of the project so you can better manage your research results. Of course you need to start with a dissertation proposal for this is the plan that will help you produce a quality thesis paper. But let me give you the basic parts of a thesis that you should consider integrating to your project.

  1. Abstract – a short summary of the thesis contents and purposes of writing. It is about 300 to 500 words in total.
  2. Introduction – the background of the study. It provides the readers the purpose of writing about the topic and the possible problems that will be addressed.
  3. Literature review – the summary of articles related to the topic. It is a synthesized version of many research papers ot realize the significance of the subject at hand.
  4. Methodology – the chapter that explains the different data gathering and data analysis procedures.
  5. Data and Analysis – the presentation of data and information gathered as well as how they were analyzed.
  6. Discussions and Results – this is the part of the thesis paper that provides the explanation of how the research results will resolve the thesis statement problem
  7. Conclusion – the final chapter of the paper which summarizes the entire results of the thesis and provide the final conclusion for the problem statement.

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