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APA dissertation

An APA dissertation is simply a dissertation that follows the APA style in its writing format. An APA style is a set of writing style guidelines that is maintained and improved by the American Psychological Association. It has been adopted as a standard style for writing in diverse fields, including business, education, psychology and other social sciences.

Its guidelines can be as detailed as using the right font spacing and page margin and including certain sections in the dissertation. To discuss in detail, spacing should be double and outside margins should be one inch. The thesis should consist of the following sections: text, abstract, footnotes, author identification, appendices, references, figure captions, notes, tables, and figures. Each section should begin on a separate page.

The title block, found on the first page, should consist of the title in full, the name of the writer, the writer’s course name and course number, the instructor’s name and the date. A header and a manuscript title page should be included on each page, placed at the upper right corner. As for the citation, this thesis uses the author-date style which includes the author’s name and the publication year.

For more convenient writing, create a word document designed especially for an APA paper. To create one, simply go through the following steps: first, launch Word and click on Dr Paper, New Document. Then set dissertation on your Document options. You can include an Abstract and a Table of Contents. Four heading levels can also be added. You can now click on Next after and enter your name, the title of the dissertation, and all the necessary information. Click OK and your Word document is set. The process is easy and fast.

If in case your Word Main Menu does not include the template Dr Paper, look for access at the Program Menu. Begin by clicking on the template Start, then click Programs followed by Dr Paper Version 5 after which you select the template that says Create an APA Document for Dissertation.

First time users of Dr Paper must enable the macros in the template. To do this, click Enable. A dialog will appear. You can then type your name, the title of your thesis, and other required information on the text boxes provided. You can position your cursor over the text boxes for brief descriptions and instructions. You will find information on whether a running head is required or not. Finally, click OK. Your document is now ready for use. The cursor will be automatically redirected to where you can start typing your writing.

But don’t give much focus on the format. The content is more important. Try focusing on formulating a strong APA dissertation question. This will guide you through the whole process of completing your thesis. Other important inputs will come from the dissertation committee. Since doctoral candidates are free to choose the members of their committee, they should really make good use of this privilege.

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