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Tempers run high during the making of the thesis. After the hard labor of thinking and writing, the thesis is done, packaged and submitted. On graduation day, all the months and days of painful intellectual grappling become distant memory. Success is achieved. How was this made tolerable and possible? One of the tools provided to help students early on with their thesis is the thesis template.

The template for this matter is mostly provided by the schools; but other sites are created to serve as tutorials to direct the writing of the thesis. Normally there are two types of thesis format, LaTEX and LyX templates in Microsoft Word. Whatever difference there is between the two types, their use is dependent on individual requirements. It is supplied to help students get on with their writing. As always, results are not expected to be flawless. An individual has to do some customizing to some degree, make adjustments, and re-circulate these files in accordance to terms indicated. However, students must be guided that an umi dissertation does not make use of any template.

Definitive guidelines are provided for strict compliance in the layout and format of the dissertation. The scratch also contains sections for all the suggested parts of a dissertation front matter. The actual content and the construction of the report are up to the individual. It is advised to start directly with the scratches rather than copying and pasting text from another document. There are also helpful guidelines in using them. When observed to the letter, there will be no tiring revisions. Therefore it is important to follow instructions when embarking on an assignation.

There are sections for the following: cover page, title page, abstract, approval page, lists of tables, acknowledgment, dedication, figures, plates, symbols, and table of contents. Not all sections may be needed though. However, the dissertation citation will be an important appendage for all types of dissertations.

A dissertation layout is not copyrighted. So it is easy to download and make use of its format and style. Formatting at the best level is provided to generate the most appealing thesis. Since a template has already established layout and formatting, a student can focus on his writing. It makes things easier for those who are not used to organizing their notes. If a thesis has been started without the use of template, the template can still be applied at a later part by applying the formats and definitions from the template to the current working document. Write your thesis as you work, and do not save the writing for the end. This will keep you on top of the thesis progress, and increase your confidence for the oral defense.

The thesis template is a practical tool to expedite the dissertation process. As long as the research notes are ready, work will be organized. It makes writing easier. All you have to do is fill in the details, and off you go to serious writing.

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