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Thesis on human resources

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Thesis on Human resources deals with the most important assets of any organization, the human assets. In the coming paragraphs we will try to give an introduction about these assets.

From the national standpoint, the human resources can be defined as the total knowledge, skills, creative abilities, talents and aptitudes obtained in the population whereas from the view point of the individual enterprise, they represent the total of the inherent abilities, acquired knowledge and skills as exemplified in the talents and aptitudes of its employees. This is also been designated as human factors. Thesis statement forms the first step towards the entire paper.

According to Jucius, ‘the human factor’ refers to a whole consisting of inter related, interdependent and inter acting physiological, psychological, sociological and ethical components. As regards physiological components, it requires several inputs like food, rest and environmental conditions to satisfy the physiological needs. It also requires protection against harmful and destructive conditions and attempts to avoid loss pf income as a measure to have physiological security. Psychologically, it is characterized by emotions and impulses.

It likes and dislikes certain things and some things make one happy while making others unhappy. It is inspired as well as depressed by certain situations. It has numerous psychological needs such as autonomy, achievement, power, acquisitiveness etc., which it tends to satisfy in surroundings. As a social being, it needs to satisfy its needs for affiliation, status, approval, prestige etc. through interaction with others. Again as an ethical creature, it has concepts of right and wrong. It tends to do what it thinks right obviously the human factor is dynamic in nature as it revealed in motivation and defense mechanism. It is an on going process involving the above four sub processes. Literature review of at least five sources is done for better view of the thesis from every angle.

This is assuming increasing significance in modern organizations. Obviously, majority of the problems in organizational setting are human and social rather than physical, technical or economic. The failure to recognize this fact causes immense loss to the nation, enterprise and the individual. It is a truism that productivity is associated markedly with the nature of human resources and their total environment consisting of inter related, inter dependent and interacting economic and non economic (i.e. political, religious, cultural, sociological and psychological factors. Other thesis subjects are also taken care by us.

Thus the significance of this asset can be examined from at least two stand points economic and non economic. Firstly, these assets assume importance from economic standpoint at national, enterprise and individual levels of analysis. They have been viewed as a form of capital and as the product of investment whereby production is acquired. The physical resources will not give results unless these human factors are applied to them.

In addition to providing value to physical resources, these factors provide a dynamic character to the economy. However, the human resources have also negative aspects. Indeed, an over abundant population or a poorly trained work force, as it obtained in developing regions may prove disastrous to the national economy. If the national output does not increase faster than its population, the standard of living will decline.

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