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Sample thesis structure

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Sample thesis structure is for producing a sample document for reference. The writing of a research article needs a lot of study, field work, innovativeness and over all zeal to find something new. Here we will discuss about the methods of writing a quality research article.

Every research proposal tries to find a solution of a problem statement and it will be your first hurdle to make a proper research problem statement. It is one of the most difficult parts of the whole project and if you can make a proper and specific problem statement you have completed half your journey to make a quality research article. The problem statement is followed by a research design. A proper research problem statement will set the goal you want to achieve and a proper research design will show you the way to arrive at that goal.

The next step after doing both of these is to make a proper sample design and to choose the sample that you want to study for your research project. Let the total population size is B and if a part of size b( which is < B) of this population is selected according some rule for studying some characteristics of the population, the group consisting of these b units is known as ‘sample’.

Researcher must prepare a sample design for his study i.e. he must plan how a sample should be selected and of what size such a sample would be. A sample design is a definite plan for obtaining a sample from a given population. It refers to the technique or the procedure the researcher would adopt in selecting items for the sample. Sample design may as well lay down the number of items to be included in the sample i.e. the size of the sample. Sample design is determined before the data are collected. It is a main proponent of the graduate thesis .

There are many sample designs from which a researcher can choose. Some designs are relatively more precise and easier to apply than others. Researcher must select or prepare a sample design which should be reliable and appropriate for his research study. The next work after making the sample design is to collect the necessary data. The primary data has to be gathered by you where as for the secondary data you can take it from any other sources available to you.

We collect primary data during the course of doing experiments in an experimental research but in case we do research of the descriptive type and perform surveys, whether sample surveys or census surveys, then we can obtain primary data either through observation or through direct communication with respondents in one form or another or through personal interviews. Literature review of at least 10 sources are done for help.

This, in other words, means that there are several methods of collecting primary data, particularly in surveys and descriptive researches. After the collection of data is over the next important step is to do the analysis. Several statistical methods are used in analysis section so that correct and unbiased result can be obtained. After getting the conclusion you need to write the whole process.

Sample thesis structure provides enough techniques and methodologies for fetching the right composition and its attitude for the master thesis .

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