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How to Make a Thesis

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How to make a thesis is the primary concern of any person entrusted with the task. This assignment may be allotted at any stage of the academic career and the type of exposition presented will naturally depend on the academic level of the student or scholar. However, there is a basic similarity in the way one goes about constructing and presenting it. The aim here is to explain and clarify this method of work .We are sure it will come in handy for all those who puzzle over the question.

The primary and perhaps the most essential task of a researcher are to find a topic for presenting in the form of a dissertation. Without a clear idea of the topic no one can proceed to understand and develop it effectively, or even begin the job at all. In choosing the topic it is necessary to keep some points in mind. The chosen topic has to be of sufficient importance and relevance to be worth working on. There should be ample material available to study and the source of such material should be accessible to the writer. The assignee must also have a definite opinion regarding the chosen topic, one that he feels is important enough to be upheld through arguments. The idea is to write an essay from a defined stand that is forcefully defended and established.

To establish your point you need to identify your strongest and second best arguments in favor of your . Brainstorming, verbally or in writing, is a good option to set the mind thinking actively. This method has a second advantage too. It helps in identifying the sort of opposition your point of view is likely to come up against. This is a very crucial exercise since these arguments will have to be dealt with and refuted if your opinion is to stand. These are also the questions that are likely to come up when you defend your stand. Remember that your composition must be specific and follow a single line of thought without any meandering.

Sometimes it is seen that your opinion undergoes a change, or at least is partially modified during the study of your topic. This is natural and a flexibility of attitude is helpful as it gives proper direction to your thoughts. The validity of your argument can be tested easily by imagining yourself as a reader rather than a write. Would your opinions and arguments be of interest and lead to further investigation or study in the field? If so, then you are on the correct track and can go forward.

Organization of arguments is done following logical sequencing. You may choose the one you are most comfortable with, or the one that brings out the best in your work. Haphazard arrangement, jumping from point to point or a back and forth approach is confusing and detracts from the merit of the text.

How to Make a Thesis is best answered with some very simple and basic advice. Be precise, be objective, be open-minded, be energetic and you will face no problems in your work. You are the master of the topic that you study so deeply and at length. So be confident of your approach and be ready to answer all questions whether they seek clarification or oppose your view of the topic.

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