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Thesis abstract is a very important part of your research article. Generally it comes at the beginning of the paper just after the acknowledgment section but it can also come in other parts of your article depending on the style you are following and it also depends on the specification given by your university. The first step is the thesis statement .

Writing a research summary is never an easy thing to do. It needs to be brief but at the same time it should be expressive enough to project the whole gamut of your research work. It should be written in simple English but it should not loose its gravity as a high quality research work.

To write a summary correctly first you need to understand the problem really well. This is the first step. After that you need to understand the regions that your research is going to cover. The problem and its adjacent area should come clearly in the summary.

If you need help from outside you can talk to your supervisors or your fellow research colleague. It is very important to understand the problem’s origin and nature clearly. The best way of understanding the problem is to discuss it with those who first raised it is order to find out how the problem originally came about and with what objectives in view. Research proposal is the first writing.

If the researcher has stated the problem himself, he should consider once again all those points that induced him to make a general statement concerning the problem. For a better understanding of the nature of the problem involved, he can enter into discussion with those who have a good knowledge of the problem concerned or similar other problems. The researcher should also keep in view the environment within which the problem is to be studied and understood.

Discussion concerning a problem often produces useful information. Various new ideas can be developed through such an exercise. Hence, a researcher must discuss his problems with his colleagues and others who have enough experience in the same area or in working on similar problems. This is quite often known as experience survey. People with rich experience are in a position to enlighten the researcher on different aspects of his proposed study and their advice and comments are usually invaluable to the researcher. Thesis subjects are quite varied in number.

They help him sharpen his focus of attention on specific aspects within the field. Discussions with such persons should not only be confined to the formulation of the summary of the article, but should also be concerned with the general approach to the given problem, techniques that might be used, possible solutions etc.

Before closing our discussions we can summarize the points that we have found form the discussion by stating the points:
a) The summary should state the main problem that the research is going to deal with.
b) The summary should also state the adjacent area and the environment of the main research problem.
c) It should be written in jargon free simple English.
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