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Postgraduate Dissertation

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The Basics in Postgraduate Dissertations

Are you a masters or PhD student? If you say yes, chances are you will be writing a postgraduate dissertation paper very soon. Because dissertations are requirements for graduation, a student in college level needs to have the skills in writing a research paper. Although a college student probably have written a research paper before, the demands concerned with postgraduate dissertation writing will be much more. In this case, let us talk about how you can write a quality dissertation paper.

A good postgraduate dissertation paper is something that has a very good topic to start with. It should have a subject that is significant. This way, there will be value in discussing the paper. The subject should also be feasible. Feasibility is a property of a topic that will allow the researcher to apply any appropriate research methods. Lastly, it should be interesting. The topic must appeal to the public and should entice them to read more about the subject.

Postgraduate dissertations need to have a quality thesis statement. How do we write a good thesis? You can state any ideas in the paper if it has sense. Most of the time, a thesis statement is considered a good one if it asserts the idea. It means the researcher is confident enough to deliver the validity of the idea. Moreover, a quality thesis statement is something that discusses a very specific notion. Avoid overlapping ideas within a single thesis.

It is important that a postgraduate dissertation paper is complete when it comes to parts. There are several chapters and pages that you must include in the paper. These are the following: abstract-short summary of the paper, introduction-background of the topic, literature review-synthesis of other documents, methodology-discussion of research methods, data analysis and results, conclusion-the resolution to the problem statement. Additional pages are also required such as cover page, table of contents, images and graphs and of course bibliography page.

Another important aspect in writing a postgraduate dissertation paper is citation. Did you know that citation could greatly affect the value of your entire dissertation? Referencing is a key indicator of the writer’s professionalism. You should be able to cite the sources of info that have contributed to your research results. There are only a few citation styles that you can apply to your research; APA for science topics, MLA for humanities topics and Harvard.

One more thing before you can complete your postgraduate dissertations is proofreading. This process eliminates all the possible errors within your paper. You should allocate a few minutes of your time to proofreading so that you can truly produce a well-crafted research paper. Identify mistakes in spelling, grammar, coherence and accuracy to impress your audience.

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