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What is the correct dissertation format? There are many ways for you to write a dissertation depending on the format of citation. However we will not discuss about which of the systems in writing is more useful. What is more important is to discuss the chapters involved in writing a dissertation.

How to write a thesis certainly involves the question what parts are necessary. In writing dissertations, there are chapters that need to be constructed in order to have a good flow of discussion and data presentation. Let us take a look at some basic parts involved to write a good thesis.

The dissertation introduction is the part that provides a clear outlook on what the research paper is about to discuss. This is the part where you have to put your thesis statement which you will be looking answers for.

Next is the literature review. This chapter summarizes another person’s work to make your topic significant. This is also a good case to let your readers know the importance of your work since another individual has already done research about the subject.

The methodology in a dissertation format is the part that discusses the overall procedures undertaken to complete a research. Usually, this part involves the presentation of data gathering and analysis methods.

The block of data chapter involves at least three parameters. You must provide to your readers the raw data, the analysis computations and the results.

Lastly, a dissertation format will always have a conclusion chapter. This is the last part and you need to summarize all your findings in the research process. You also need to answer the question posted in your thesis statement.

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